Brand History

I love a good bag or purse!  Time and again, however, I found that so many of the ones I shopped for in the stores didn’t have all the things I wanted or needed in one bag. One might have slip pockets but no zipper pockets, or worse be a bottomless pit with no pockets at all. Another would be the right color but the wrong pattern, where still another would be functional but not fashionable. As a mother of two young children I needed a bag that could carry crayons and a coloring book, wipes (because who knows), maybe even a snack or two, and at the same time be fashionable enough for date night out with the hubby!
These issues are what inspired me to create bags where I could include features I wanted in a purse and leave out those I didn’t.  So one day in 2011, I sat down, put pencil to paper, created my first purse pattern, and Tarapy was born. Tarapy’s bags combine all the attributes I feel are a must have in the perfect bag, wristlet, or purse.  To me, discovering a good bag is like therapy; when you find the right one it’s nirvana! Check out all the products Tarapy has to offer and get “a little bag therapy” for yourself!